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  • Anglican Observations image

    Anglican Observations

    The recent selection, and then withdrawal, of Philip North as Bishop of Sheffield generated a lot of spilled ink and emotional-blood among Anglican commentators.... Read more
  • One Thousand and Counting image

    One Thousand and Counting

    This past Sunday I preached my one thousandth sermon. Read more
  • Beauty of the Word image

    Beauty of the Word

    Do you ever find the Bible hard work? Read more
  • Thinking about Multi-Site image

    Thinking about Multi-Site

    A conference you may be interested in... Read more
  • An Evolutionary Crisis? image

    An Evolutionary Crisis?

    For a brief time between graduating and starting a PhD I worked at London’s Natural History Museum. Each day on the way to the entomology department I had to pass an... Read more
  • Why Cell Phones to Millennials are like Booze to an Alcoholic image

    Why Cell Phones to Millennials are like Booze to an...

    This 15 minute riff on Millennials from Simon Sinek is well worth your time. Read more
  • 2017 and the Recalibration of the Expert image

    2017 and the Recalibration of the Expert

    A cartoon in the New Yorker, showing a man in a plane with his arm raised: “These smug pilots have lost touch with regular passengers like us. Who thinks I should fly... Read more
  • Happy Christmas: Sunday is Coming! image

    Happy Christmas: Sunday is Coming!

    Normally we would not re-post on Think, but sometimes exceptions can be permitted. I haven't been on social media much the past couple of weeks, but have picked up that... Read more
  • Incarnation Through Middle-Eastern Eyes image

    Incarnation Through Middle-Eastern Eyes

    Our perspectives of Christmas are hugely shaped by cultural assumptions. For those of us in the West, our traditions are largely a very recent creation, only a century... Read more
  • A Christmas Prayer image

    A Christmas Prayer

    The Christmas edition of The Spectator has a feature on answered prayer, or rather, as the piece is titled, ‘Have you ever had a prayer answered?’ Read more