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  • Un oeuf already! image

    Un oeuf already!

    I was asked to contribute a post to Andrew and Matt's series on relational puddings. I must confess that I've not read either of their offerings (I rarely have the time... Read more
  • Holy Snacks: A Mea Culpa

    Just this week, the BBC reported that sandwich chain Pret a Manger has been forced to withdraw a new flavour of crisps, following a string of complaints from religious... Read more
  • You are like a mouse-dropping in the pepper! image

    You are like a mouse-dropping in the pepper!

    Following Andy Johnston’s colourful post on the lewdness of Luther, I must confess, I can’t wait to get into my pulpit this Sunday and try out some of my... Read more
  • 2 Reasons Why it Won’t be Hillary in 2016 image

    2 Reasons Why it Won’t be Hillary in 2016

    Andrew made an unexpected detour into political pollstering the other day, offering 12 reasons why he thinks Hillary Clinton will be elected President of the US in 2016. Read more
  • Omissions of the Year image

    Omissions of the Year

    While appreciating Andrew Wilson's masterful attempt yesterday to identify the very best that 2012 had to offer, I'm sure many readers were, like me, a little surprised... Read more
  • Knowing Me, Knowing Yule image

    Knowing Me, Knowing Yule

    Since we are approaching the time of year when people get all nostalgic and write blogs on the top five things they’ve read / seen / eaten / purchased / worn / sat on... Read more
  • Friday Fun: A Lesson in Spheremantics image

    Friday Fun: A Lesson in Spheremantics

    There has been much talk recently of ‘the cultural mandate’ and how we need to re-think the Christian mission through the lens of God’s instructions to Adam.... Read more
  • Descartes’ Missing Adjective image

    Descartes’ Missing Adjective

    New evidence has come to light, which suggests that we may have misinterpreted Cartesian thought for the past 370 years. I was recently conducting some research for my... Read more
  • Shakespearean Ecclesiology image

    Shakespearean Ecclesiology

    Everybody knows that Shakespeare wrote plays about ecclesiology. I mean, they look like they’re plays about kings, lovers, quasi-suicidal students, assassinations and... Read more
  • Reflections on Praising and Tasing image

    Reflections on Praising and Tasing

    I was somewhat bemused to read this article about 50-year-old Vickey Sue Beyersdorfer who was restrained, pepper-sprayed, tased and ejected from her church in Oklahoma... Read more