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  • Why Are Leaders So Obsessed With Church Size? image

    Why Are Leaders So Obsessed With Church Size?

    Why are so many church leaders obsessed with church size? It seems an inescapable reality, at least in the circles I move in, that the number of people who attend a... Read more
  • The Wall Street Journal on Gay Marriage image

    The Wall Street Journal on Gay Marriage

    At a time when gay marriage is becoming one of the key political talking points on both sides of the Atlantic, it's fascinating to hear the Wall Street Journal's... Read more
  • The New Perspective: A Duffer’s Guide image

    The New Perspective: A Duffer’s Guide

    This is a post for people who prefer their theology oversimplified to overcomplicated, and who have heard of the so-called "New Perspective" on Paul and/or Judaism, but... Read more
  • What are the “Greater Works”? image

    What are the “Greater Works”?

    A few months ago on this blog, the question was raised over what exactly Jesus meant when he said that anyone who believed in him would do “greater works” than Jesus... Read more
  • Proverbs are not Guarantees image

    Proverbs are not Guarantees

    One of the most challenging things about reading the book of Proverbs is getting your head round exactly what sorts of statements proverbs actually are. Are they... Read more
  • Saved through Childbearing? image

    Saved through Childbearing?

    I can't say for sure which is the most baffling verse in the New Testament - "because of the angels", "impossible to renew to repentance", who knows - but any shortlist... Read more
  • Matthew Parris on “The Only Question”

    Here's an article that I guarantee will find itself quoted in evangelistic messages up and down the country within a month or two. It's by the brilliant writer and... Read more
  • What’s Wrong With Denominations? image

    What’s Wrong With Denominations?

    For years, I've assured people that Newfrontiers is not a denomination. I've taught Joining the Church courses and laboured the point; I've tried to explain to my... Read more
  • Does God Give and Take Away? image

    Does God Give and Take Away?

    You've got to admire Ben Witherington. Not many evangelical academics have his range of learning, or his insight, and almost none have written commentaries on every book... Read more
  • Brian McLaren Nails It image

    Brian McLaren Nails It

    Brian McLaren and I disagree on quite a few things - the authority of Scripture, hermeneutics, the atonement, hell, homosexuality, gender roles, and so on - but I heard... Read more