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  • Modernity and Man Utd image

    Modernity and Man Utd

    One of the challenges faced by any student of "modernisation," or whatever we call it, is how to sail between the Scylla of Eurocentrism and the Charybdis of fashionably... Read more
  • A Fascinating Cessationist Argument

    I find cessationism intriguing. I have a great many friends who are theologically and/or functionally cessationist, and many of them are cleverer than me, but I just... Read more
  • Donkeys, Alexander and Christ image

    Donkeys, Alexander and Christ

    About a year ago, I was teaching on the doctrine of Scripture when I suddenly realised that I didn't understand the book of Zechariah. At all. So I bought a series of... Read more
  • Woke Church image

    Woke Church

    Here is a superb message from Dr Eric Mason on "Woke Church." If you know what the slang refers to, you'll probably be interested; if you don't, you probably didn't... Read more
  • How Many Otters Can You Possibly Imagine? image

    How Many Otters Can You Possibly Imagine?

    I suppose I should take being parodied as a compliment, as per yesterday's effort from the Otter (the writer of which, I am embarrassed to admit, I was not able to... Read more
  • With One Obvious Exception image

    With One Obvious Exception

    Charismatic pastors don't like formal liturgy.* Read more
  • The Parable of the Sort-of-Shoes image

    The Parable of the Sort-of-Shoes

    It's common these days for baby sleepsuits, or onesies, to come with sort-of-shoes built in. My son has several of them. The material around the feet becomes bumpy, and... Read more
  • Without Prejudice image

    Without Prejudice

    This email is so good that I just had to share it. It's one of those emails that begins with courtesy, moves to confusion, and gradually builds in rage until it explodes... Read more
  • Is There A Connection? image

    Is There A Connection?

    Two brief observations, then a question. Read more
  • Ten Theological Goals for 2017 image

    Ten Theological Goals for 2017

    No posts I write attract more mockery from my friends, or eye-rolls from my wife, than the lists of things I hope to achieve in a year. But I remember the time when... Read more